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1 January 2015

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Do you know the location of your assets or vehicles?

Let Easy Track find them for you!

  • STREET AND SATELLITE MAPS - Locate your asset either by street maps or satellite images.
  • DRIVING BEHAVIOR - See when a driver is abusing your vehicles, with our harsh braking, acceleration, and cornering monitoring (Advanced unit only). Click here to see why driver behavior is important.
  • DRIVER MONITORING - See who was driving the vehicle on a specific day using a Dallas ID tag (Advanced unit only). Also, let use track your driver's licence renewals, and profile a driver's driving behavior via a driver scorecard.
  • AUTOMATED DAILY REPORTS - Have the previous day's Trip Summary Report sent to your Email automatically every morning.
  • START OF TRIP NOTIFICATION - Do you need to know when an asset leaves a location? You can now set up an email notification that sends an email as soon as the asset starts a trip. Go to the My Assets page, and after selecting an asset, add up to 5 email addresses to be notified.
  • PERSONNEL TRACKER - We are excited to introduce our new Personal Tracker which is ideally suited for the elderly, children, lone workers, security staff and asset security.
  • TIME OF USE - To ensure your vehicle is only used during specific times of the day (week days, Saturdays and Sundays), you can set the working hours of the vehicle. Should the vehicle move outside of these times, you will be notified.
  • VEHICLE MANAGEMENT - Let us monitor when licenses are due, and notify you well in advance.
  • DYNAMIC SPEEDING DETECTION - Where we know the speed of the section of the road on which your asset is traveling, and this speed is exceeded, our unit will report this as a speeding violation. Now, even if your asset is speeding in a 60 Kmh zone, you will get a violation notification.
  • LOW FIXED MONTHLY FEE - Easy Track is an easy-to-use, Internet-based, low-cost asset tracking solution that uses the GSM and GPS systems to provide street-level location of your assets. Our true asset tracking system puts you in control of your assets anywhere in the world.
  • NO HIDDEN COSTS OR CONTRACTS - You can now take control of your tracking costs no matter how often you use our system, with no long-term contracts.
  • 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - To show you how much we believe in our product, we provide a money-back guarantee on every installation. If you are not happy with our service or if our product does not meet your requirement or expectations, we will remove the unit from your asset, and give you a full refund!
  • GET ONE MONTH FREE - If you, as our valued customer, refer a new client to Easy Track, we will credit one unit's monthly assess fee for every new unit added by that client.
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